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3 Anti-Stress Crafts for Young Kids

January 25, 2018

Are your children feeling stressed? If so, a quick craft project may be just what they need. These three art projects are easy for young kids to make and fun to play with. Plus, you can find most of the supplies around your home.

  • Pokémon stress balls. Homemade stress balls are a common anti-stress craft. They are easy to make and fun to use. You can get your children in on the fun by helping them make Pokémon-themed stress balls. All you need are different colored balloons, different colored permanent markers, a funnel, and a filler material such as rice, aloe vera gel, or flour. You can use a yellow balloon for Pikachu or a pink balloon for Jigglypuff. You can find out more about this craft project from this link.
  • Calming play dough. Squishing a stress ball isn’t the only way to reduce anxiety and stress. Play dough is a great source of fun and it distracts a child’s mind from their stress. You can buy play dough in the store or you and your kids can make your own with calming scents that can further reduce their stress. Your family can make play dough with five main ingredients (flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, and water). To make different kinds of play dough, add different essential oils and food coloring.
    • Lavender play dough. You can make calming lavender-scented play dough by adding dried lavender, lavender essential oil, and purple food coloring.
    • Citrus play dough. You can make energizing citrus-scented play dough with orange zest, orange essential oil, and orange food coloring.
    • Bonus. For the detailed instructions, check out this blog.
  • “Calm Down” bottles. Water has a calming effect on the body. You can bathe in it or drink it to help reduce stress. You can also use water to create a calming toy for your children. “Calm Down” bottles are made with water, a water bottle, and one other colorful element. For instance, you can put colorful mini rubber bands in the water bottle. Shaking the bottle and watching the colorful bands gently sink can be relaxing. You can also put colorful paper clips in the bottle and let the kids move clips by running a magnet along the outside. You can find more ideas from this website.
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