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3 Tax Day Specials for Stress Relief

April 12, 2018

Tax Day in the United States is normally April 15th, but this year it falls on Tuesday, April 18th. According to the IRS, 12 million federal income tax returns have been filed within the last few days, so potentially millions of people are just now completing the stressful process of filing taxes. If you are one of these people you may be in need of a little stress relief. Fortunately, companies across the country are offering deals and freebies to help make the day a little better.

Listed below are a few deals that may help you relax and reduce stress.

  1. Free massages. A massage is a great way to end a stressful tax season, that’s because massages are known to reduce stress and help you relax. The juggernaut gym franchise, Planet Fitness, is offering free HydroMassages for members and non-members. This deal lasts for the rest of the week. Find more information here.
  1. Ecotherapy. Using nature to help your mental health is known as ecotherapy and it’s an energizing way to reduce your stress. This year Tax Day happens to fall in the middle of National Park Week. In honor of National Park Week, the National Park Service is offering a free admission weekend (April 22nd to April 23rd). So you can reduce your stress by visiting a local national park this weekend. There are over 400 parks that you can visit. Find more information here.
  1. Book discounts. If you need to unwind, a new, thrilling book may be just what you need. Reading is great for your brain and it helps reduce stress. Fortunately, Barnes and Noble has got your back. Today, you can use the code BNSPRING10 to get a 10 percent on a book. While you wait for your book to be shipped to you be sure to check out your local library. You can check out a fun book to tide you over until your Barnes and Noble book arrives.

Bonus. Are you still not done with your taxes? Don’t worry! There is still time to e-file. The Internal Revenue Service even has free resources for individuals that need to file their tax returns. Want to learn more? Check out this article.

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