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4 Homemade Colognes for Father’s Day

June 15, 2017

While the latest gadget or sport paraphernalia make nice gifts for Father’s Day, why not do something special this year such as homemade cologne? Scented gifts aren’t just for mothers. A homemade cologne, personalized with your father’s favorite scents, will definitely make an impressive Father’s Day gift. Listed below are a few DIY cologne recipes that your father will love.

  • Woodsy cologne. If your father likes classic scents, then he may like this. This cologne recipe from Dr. Axe is made with alcohol and three essential oils: cedarwood, bergamot, and sandalwood. The cedarwood has a woodsy scent with a balsamic undertone, the bergamot has a spicy citrus fragrance, and sandalwood has a sweet woodsy smell.
  • Musk cologne. Does your father prefer earthy, herbal scents? Then try this cologne recipe from Edens Garden. This cologne is made with 120-190-proof grain alcohol and three essential oils: lime, fennel, and patchouli, an Asian herb. Patchouli is similar to mint, except it has a woodsy, musk scent.
  • Spicy bay rum cologne. This spicy, sweet scent is strong. It’s made with grain alcohol, sweet almond oil, and five essential oils: bay, rosemary, bergamot, litsea cubeba, and lemon. The litsea cubeba oil is probably the only scent you’re unfamiliar with. It has a sweet citrus scent and blends well with the lemon and spicy citrus bergamot. Want to learn more? Check out the recipe here.
  • Fresh cut grass cologne. Looking for a true summer-scented cologne? This recipe from Dose doTERRA may be just what you’re looking for. To make this cologne you’ll need essential oils and coconut oil. For the essential oils, you’ll need citrus scents (such as wild orange) as well as basil, white fir, and bergamot. The white fir essential oil has a Christmas scent to it, but when mixed with the other oils it creates a perfect summer aroma.

Bonus: Want your father’s DIY cologne to smell nice and reduce their stress at the same time? Consider including one of these eight stress-reducing essential oils in your cologne. One of these oils is actually basil, which is featured in the fresh cut grass cologne.

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