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5 Irish Dishes for You to Enjoy!

Typical English Breakfast
March 16, 2017

Whether you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day gathering or just celebrating with family, delicious food is a must. Think beyond green-colored foods and serve something with Irish origins instead. Here are five ideas to help you get started.

  • Full Irish Breakfast. Want to start your day with a little Irish flare? Consider making your family a full Irish breakfast. It has a lot of components, but it’s guaranteed to keep your family full for most of the day. A full Irish breakfast usually includes rashers (bacon), bangers (sausage), tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, black or white pudding, fruit, and bread (either toast or scones). You can use this recipe for inspiration.
  • Irish Fish Chowder with Soda Bread. Spring is almost here, which means that the season for soup is almost over. So why not enjoy a warm bowl of soup while you still can? With this recipe, you can make fish chowder and fresh soda bread for dipping. The bread requires only seven ingredients, and the fish chowder includes smoked haddock, corn, scallops, clams, Pollock fillet, and prawns, among other things. 
  • Irish Cod Fish Cakes and Colcannon. While this meal is rich in potatoes it’s absolutely delicious. Colcannon is a type of mashed potato dish that includes cabbage or kale. Here’s one recipe for you to try—it includes cabbage, leeks, scallions, and garlic. Whether you decide to make your colcannon with kale or cabbage, this side dish will pair wonderfully with homemade fish cakes. To make this recipe you’ll need mashed potatoes, cooked cod, eggs, flour, garlic, parsley, and breadcrumbs. You can garnish your fishcakes with Parmesan cheese and lemon juice.
  • Spotted Dog Bread. You can never have too much bread. Consider making an additional loaf for your party. This one is called a spotted dog and it is similar to traditional Irish soda bread. The only difference is the addition of raisins. Interested? This recipe has all the traditional bread ingredients and you get to decide whether you’ll add cranberries or raisins. Either way, the bread will taste great with butter or homemade jam!
  • Yellowman Candy. Want something sweet for your celebration? How about homemade candies? They’ll certainly be a big hit with your kids. Yellowman is a toffee-textured honeycomb made in Northern Ireland. It’s a chewy candy that’s usually sold in chips. It’s simple to make. All you need is corn syrup, sugar, butter, white vinegar, baking soda, and a little vanilla extract. If you’re interested give this recipe a try.

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