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5 Mindful Foods for New Year Luck

January 2, 2018

With a new year comes a fresh start, and everyone wants to make the most of it. All across the world people perform fun little rituals to bring good luck in the new year, such as singing traditional songs or wearing polka dots. You can do the same by eating certain foods. If you are hoping for a prosperous new year, try eating mindful foods that symbolize rebirth, prosperity, peace, hope, and immortality.

  • Pomegranates. This unique fruit has played an important part in the histories of various cultures, from Turkish weddings and Chinese offerings. Pomegranates symbolize rebirth. In Greek mythology, this fruit is tied to the folklore of pomegranate-loving Persephone. She was forced to live in the Underworld and for half of the year, she was released, which brought forth springtime. So, consider eating pomegranates as a way to renew yourself this year.
  • Peaches. Peaches date back to 1000 B.C. and originated in China. In Chinese culture, the goddess of life, known as Queen Mother of the West, kept a peach orchard. Thus, peaches have come to symbolize longevity and immortality. In fact, peaches, peach orchards, and peach blossoms were major features of classic Chinese art. For a special new year, eat peaches for longevity and good health. Peaches have fiber, protein, and vitamin C.
  • Coconuts. Palm trees and coconuts are important symbols in various religions. Palm branches represent eternal life in the Christian faith. The palm fruit (coconuts) also plays an important role in the Hindu faith. Coconut in Sanskrit is “sriphala,” which means God’s fruit. It’s often offered up as a tribute to Lord Shiva and it has come to symbolize prosperity. For good luck, break open a coconut or toast to this new year with coconut milk or coconut water.
  • Olives. When you want to make peace with someone you offer up an olive branch, so it’s no surprise that olives have come to represent peace. According to Greek mythology, the olive tree was literally a gift from the gods because it’s wood, fruit, leaves, and oil provided people with food, fuel, and shade. The olive branch was even the symbol of Eirene, the goddess of peace. For a peaceful year, consider having a handful of olives
  • Almonds. The almond is a powerful nut. It keeps people feeling full and energized. It’s also a symbol of hope and fertility. Romans were the first to candy almonds, and they used to give them away as wedding gifts. Jordan almonds (also known as dragee or confetti) still play a part in weddings today. So, consider eating almonds for a hopeful (or fertile) new year.
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