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5 Relaxing Date Night Ideas

February 8, 2018

Are you stressing about what to give your date for Valentine’s Day? If you can’t think of an awesome present to give them, give them a Valentine’s Day experience instead.

Listed below are five examples of a romantic Valentine’s Day experiences.

  • Go to the movies. A romantic dinner and a fun movie are classic date night activities. For this Valentine’s Day, try something different than a typical trip to the movie theater. Go to a drive-in movie instead—it’s a bit old-fashion, but fun. If you don’t have a drive-in movie theater nearby try setting up an outdoor movie watching experience in your own backyard. This is an easy, stress-free date option.
  • Plan a romantic scavenger hunt. Want to add a little fun to your date night? Plan a romantic scavenger hunt. You can use past date locations, inside jokes, and some of your favorite things as inspiration. You can send your partner out on a secret mission or your partner can find clues or puzzle pieces that they’ll have to put together. It’s great, stress-relieving fun!
  • Go on a road trip. Vacations are a great way to reduce stress as a couple. If you can’t afford a romantic vacation consider going on a short road trip instead. Your romantic road trip could be just for a day or maybe the whole weekend. There are plenty of fun things to do around Valentine’s Day. Plan a road trip to see a concert, visit a special restaurant or a spa. Come up with a romantic playlist on your phone and pack some great snacks, too.
  • #Selfie date night. Is your partner or spouse a big fan of taking selfies or photos? Consider planning a selfie date. Use special prompts to plan out your date and take selfies of the two of you completing each of the goals. Some of your selfie prompts could be things like “try something new” or “watching the sunset.” It’ll be a lot of fun and help you reduce stress. Need more inspiration? Check out this post.
  • Play with the kids. Are you going to be spending Valentine’s Day with your young kids? If so, consider playing special Valentine’s Day games with them. It’s a great way to reduce stress while having fun as a family. With a few materials (soda bottles, paint, paint brushes, and pipe cleaners) you can create a Valentine’s Day ring toss game. Or consider playing musical hearts (the Valentine’s Day version of musical chairs).
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