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5 Tips for a Green Balcony

April 24, 2018

Spring is the perfect time to invest in your green space. Getting your front yard or backyard summer-beautiful takes a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it. If you live in an apartment and don’t have yard space, you can easily transform your balcony into a green oasis. Listed below are a few Mindful updates that can help transform your balcony.

Small herb and flower garden built on small balcony garden

  • A greenery shelf. A small shelf filled with plants is one of the simplest ways of jazzing up your balcony. You can mix and match flowering plants, leafy plants, and herbs. You can use some of the blooms for bouquets in your home and use the herbs in your kitchen.

Roof Terrace

  • A small tree. To give your balcony a more “outdoors” feel, consider investing in one or two small trees. Dwarf fruit trees make great balcony additions. Dwarf lemon trees, cherry trees, pear trees, and avocado trees (technically a fruit) fit perfectly on your balcony and provide delicious produce for your spring and summer meals. Also, consider a wide container filled with bamboo shoots. This arrangement will provide your balcony a degree of privacy from your neighbors.
  • Railing planters. If you don’t have space for a plant shelf or tree, consider a railing planter. Similar to traditional window boxes, you can use these planters to hang flower boxes off the railing of your balcony. It’s a beautiful way to add greenery to your oasis without taking up too much space.
  • A pond in a pot. A mini water feature on your balcony adds another layer of luxury to the area. You can fill a colorful ceramic pot with water and aquatic vegetation such as water lilies or water hyacinths. A mini electric water fountain with trickling water running down stones is also great if your balcony has an outlet. The sound of the running water can help make your space seems more relaxing.
  • A grass patch. If you miss the feel of grass beneath your feet, consider adding a grassed patch on your balcony. You can use artificial grass tiles to line an area of your balcony or try growing your own grass in a container. It’s the perfect final touch!
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