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5 Tips for Coping With Disappointment

November 7, 2017

Most of us aren’t strangers to disappointment.

When you don’t get the dream job, that relationship doesn’t work out, or your plans for the future goes awry it can cause you a lot of emotional and even physical pain. You may initially feel sad or angry, but this emotion eventually morphs into disappointment. Replaying past moments and worrying about what you could have done differently can only make the situation worse and stress you out. If you’re overcome with disappointment, consider the Mindful tips listed below.

  • Allow yourself to be sad. After we experience disappointment, many of us feel the need to bury our emotions and immediately rush off to the next thing. If you don’t address this emotion it can transform into a worse problem later on. Remember, it’s okay for you to be sad. If you feel the need to take a day off and wallow in bed with a little junk food, then so be it. Allow yourself to feel and don’t push these emotions away.
  • Take care of yourself. Having a little personal time is great, but be sure that you continue to care of yourself. Engaging in unhealthy coping habits, such as drinking alcohol or sleeping excessively, can be bad for your health. So, instead try different coping techniques. Talk through your emotions with someone you love, exercise, and eat well-balanced meals. 
  • Turn disappointment into action. Now that you’ve dealt with your emotions, don’t stay down for too long. Harness this energy and use it for something positive. Volunteer with a local organization that means a lot to you. Reach out to family members and friends that you haven’t talked to in a while. Offer to help a senior citizen in your neighborhood. Blessing others and working to positively impact the world will help put your disappointments in perspective.
  • Use this as a mindful lesson. While you work to make the world a better place, take some time to better yourself as well. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this experience?” Let this disappointment inspire you to make some changes or work harder for your main goal. For instance, consider learning a new skill and putting it on your resume for your job search. Learning something new from a disappointment turns the experience into a mindful lesson.
  • Let it go. Once you’ve gone through the sadness, helped others, and learned something new, it’s time to let go of any lingering regret. Not sure how? Consider these three Mindful tips.

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