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6 Awesome Balcony Accessories

May 4, 2017

The typical balcony has a couple of chairs and a side table, but there are plenty of ways for you to brighten up your balcony and make it a truly enjoyable outdoor space. Last week there was a Mindful feature on balcony greenery. This Mindful list features other balcony accessories you’ll need for your little oasis.

  • A balcony rug. A rug is one of the simplest ways for you to transform your balcony into a true outdoor living space. It makes the entire area feel more like a room extension. There are an endless variety of outdoor rugs that you can use to match your balcony décor. Or you can use artificial grass tiles to make the area truly feel like you’re outdoors.
  • An ivy balcony screen. Want to add a little privacy to your balcony? Consider using artificial ivy panels to cover the inside of the balcony railing. It’s an artificial way to add a little greenery and privacy to the balcony.
  • A writing area. Do you want to turn your balcony into an outdoor work studio? Consider this German balcony accessory. It’s a planter/table made from recyclable plastic that you hang over the railing. The table is wide enough for you to use it as a writing/computer station. It can also make a great eating area or side table for your drink.
  • A balcony grill. Outdoor grilling seems impossible if you don’t have a yard, but this balcony accessory could change that. Balcony rail grills make it possible for you barbecue food on a small scale at your apartment. This Bruce handrail grill uses charcoal and looks very similar to a railing planter. You can find more information here.
  • Balcony lights. If you plan on being on your balcony at night you’ll need suitable lighting. Consider wrapping string lights around the railing of your balcony or hanging string lights around the door and any window frames. You can also put battery-operated candles in lanterns for a more romantic feel.
  • Balcony bird feeders. You can make your balcony a welcoming oasis for some magnificent creatures with a balcony bird feeder. If you have a window overlooking your patio, consider attaching a clear suction cup bird feeder to the glass. Or you can use a hanger stand to hang bird feeders on your balcony. If you’re lucky you can watch birds feast while you enjoy your outdoor space.
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