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6 Edible Spring Flower Delights

March 30, 2017

You savor your food with more than just your sense of taste and smell. You also savor your food with your eyes. Since it’s now spring, you can add fresh edible flowers to your meals and drinks—it’s a beautiful way to celebrate the season. Listed below are just a few ways for you to bring some spring to your meals.

  • Flower ice cubes. Even a glass of water can seem fancy when you add ice cubes that have fresh flowers in them. They’re easy to make and a sweet gesture for a loved one. For extra fun consider using festive-shaped ice cube trays such as stars, hearts, or diamonds.
  • Flower pop tarts. Recreate this childhood favorite and have flowers for breakfast with this yummy recipe. This recipe is for blueberry and lemon pop tarts. The inside of these pop tarts are filled with lemon curd and topped with blueberry icing, dried blueberries, and edible flowers.
  • Flower salads. Tired of the same old salad? Consider adding flowers for a fresh update. One fun example of a flower salad is a wildflower, arugula, and farmer’s cheese salad with an orange blossom vinaigrette. This salad uses one and a half cups of fresh flowers (pansies and violas), as well as radishes and fresh apples. You can find the recipe here.
  • Flower popsicles. For a cool spring dessert, you can make delicate-flavored popsicles with flowers in them. All you need is water, edible flowers, and homemade elderflower cordial. The cordial is made with sugar, lemons, fresh elderflowers, and citric acid. You can find the cordial recipe here. The recipe for the popsicles is found on this website.
  • Flower sugar cookies. Want another sweet treat? Try this recipe for glazed sugar cookies topped with edible flowers. This recipe can be made with fresh, freeze-dried, or dried flowers. Your kids will love putting them together.
  • Flower and chocolate bark. If you aren’t interested in cookies, consider making a white chocolate flower bark instead. All you need is white melting chocolate, chocolate food coloring, edible flowers, and colorful sugar. The final product looks beautiful and no baking is needed. Here’s the recipe.

Important Note: Be sure to research the flowers you plan on using in your food and beverages, as some blooms are poisonous. Also be sure that you use plants that have not been treated with hazardous gardening chemicals. Look for organically grown flowers.

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