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7 De-Stressing New Year’s Resolutions

January 4, 2018

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” – Ben Franklin

Millions of people use their New Year’s resolutions to kick their bad habits to the curb. Couch-surfing, overspending, overdrinking, or smoking are some popular bad habits that people can address with New Year’s resolutions but don’t forget stress. If you spent the past year plagued with stress, this is your year to find a mindful solution.

Listed below are seven New Year’s Resolutions that can help you stress less.

  • Go to bed on time. Sleep deprivation can ruin your whole day—you wake up tired and exhausted, you drink lots of caffeine to stay alert, and your stress levels increase. Simply sleeping more can change all of that. This year make a vow to get at least seven hours per night.
  • Strive to achieve work/life balance. When you allow your work to overtake your personal life it can fill you with stress. Reduce your anxiety and improve your social life by making more time for your family and friends. You may just find that work/life balance can also positively impact your work performance as well.
  • Clean up and organize. A cluttered room or home can lead to a cluttered mind, This mental clutter can cause stress and stressful panics—for instance, there’s nothing more stressful than running late for work and making a mad dash around your messy home looking for your car keys. Put an end to this stress by staying organized this year.
  • Take mindful breaks. When feeling stressed some people have the tendency to just power through, but that’s the wrong approach. Taking breaks in the midst of a stressful argument, assignment, or situation can help you get your bearings and reduce your stress. This year vow to take mindful time-outs whenever you’re feeling stressed.
  • Beat your procrastination. Doing everything at the last minute will only increase the pressure and stress in your life. Get a calendar or agenda planner and start planning ahead. You’ll feel better and reduce your stress.
  • Go for a daily walk. Millions of people get their daily exercise indoors. They go to a gym or exercise in their own home, but going outside and enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine can help your body in completely different ways. Exercising outdoors is a form of eco-therapy and it can reduce your stress, so this year vow to go on a walk at least once a day.
  • Give back to others. Do you want to help your community this year? Do you also want to reduce your stress? Kill two birds with one stone by volunteering and giving to others. When you lend a hand it gives you a helper’s high, which can help you reduce stress.
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