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Advent: The End and the Beginning

Christmas in GLR
November 30, 2017

Advent begins on December 3 and ends on Christmas Eve. Advent is an ancient liturgical and theological time of year. It is the holy days before Christmas when we are called for a time of reflection and introspection.

I believe the nonreligious and religious alike are called to this time of reflection and introspection as we leave 2017 and begin 2018. Take this time to review your year with its many challenges and blessings. If you could give 2017 a name what would that name be? Review your losses, gifts and goals attained.

December 25 is celebrated as the birth of the Christ. The Incarnation of the Divine into our earthly world. Mary, a common young woman, and Joseph, a simple carpenter, had their child in a simple stable. The Christmas story is the story for each of us. Most of us are born of common parents in simple places. Take this Advent, these days before Christmas, to ponder that you, every one of us, is the Incarnation of the Divine. We are all the light, spark, and energy of the Divine. Each of us is the hope of the world. The world needs you and me, each of us, to take this Advent to do introspection, reflection and discover our calling, our gifts in this world. We have a great example set before us in this person called Jesus. Each of us is called. This Advent listen to the deep silence within your heart, and you will hear the soft, loving whisper of your Divinity.


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