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Death By Selfies

March 24, 2016

More people are killed by selfies than by shark attacks. That is a statistic that the CBS Sunday Show revealed. It is probably not nice but I couldn’t help but laugh.

Really? We hear about these aggressive sharks just waiting to attack us as we enjoy a day at the beach, but that is an illusion. The facts are that we are so absurdly obsessed with taking photos of ourselves that we engage in ridiculously dangerous tactics to prove we did something edgy. This is so sad.

We are missing the experience of life in lieu selfies. I am getting frustrated seeing people continually filming or taking photos of their kids instead of actually being fully present with their children. How can you create rich family stories when you are distracted taking pictures all the time? There can be no story telling without being present in an experience. We call that multitasking.

So, please stop with the selfies and be present with those you love, especially yourself. We all have too many pictures anyway. There will never be enough time in the world to look at all the photos we are taking. We are all too busy in this chaotic world to be really happy, let alone do we have time to sit down and look at thousands of photos and selfies. Let’s stop the madness and become present to really live an authentic happy life.

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