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Holiday Killer Shoppers

Shopping hustle in Germany
November 28, 2017

Holiday shopping can a real challenge since our lives are already crunched for our precious, limited time. You attitude toward your shopping will make all the differences in the world. Here are some valuable tips I’ve gathered through the years.

Make a To Do List

Yes, the first item on this “To Do” list really is to make a “To Do” list. Write out every detail of your shopping agenda, including who you need to buy for, exactly what you are getting for them and where you plan to purchase the gift. This list should even include sizes, favorite brands and color preferences for each individual. 

Plan Ahead
It’s easy to forget that shopping is fun. This is like a daytime slumber party, Woodstock or New Year’s Eve! Choose an image and have fun with it.
Don’t venture out alone—bring along friends and family you get along with to make shopping less stressful. If your stress level starts to get high, a partner-in-crime can make never-ending traffic and hellacious drivers seem that much more bearable. Catch up with each other during traffic jams. Play some awesome music you love and sing along when you find yourself at a standstill.

Technology-Shop Smart

In the age of smartphones, there’s an app for just about everything, especially for shopping. Do a quick Google search for holiday shopping apps that send you alerts about deals and coupons will bring up a whole host of options that can act as your personal shopping assistant. You can also use the Twitter and Facebook apps to follow your favorite brands and watch for them to post about limited time offers or big bargains throughout the day.

Dress Comfortably

Do your feet a favor by wearing comfortable sneakers or flats because you’ll be walking around all day.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Don’t get hangry. Hanger can become your worst enemy, especially when you are trying to power through the end of your shopping list and stay pleasant with fellow shoppers at the same time. Make sure to eat a protein-packed meal and grab a water bottle and snacks before heading out the door. Maintaining your energy throughout your shopping day will be essential to keep yourself calm, collected and happy.


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