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McMindfulness Is Not a Bad Word

March 22, 2016

I was on LinkedIn the other day and saw a discussion on a term called “McMindfulness.” I burst out laughing because the term was new to me. I looked it up. So what is McMindfulness? It’s the marketing of mindfulness as a commodity that is sold like any other commodity.

After more investigation, I discovered that there is a huge backlash about mindfulness being taught in various ways, different venues, and with different interpretations. Some are frustrated that people are practicing mindfulness at their desks, in their cars, and during a flight. These people feel mindfulness should be seriously practiced in a particular manner and place. Many of the serious, spiritual, or religious practitioners are upset that mindfulness has taken on a mutation into the mainstream community. Some of the communities they are struggling with are the business community and individuals and groups creating businesses around teaching mindfulness.

I couldn’t help but laugh. After practicing mindfulness for almost 30 years I understand the core principles of mindfulness to be non-judgment, kindness, acceptance of others, and humor at one’s self. So the McMindfulness dissidents need to take a deep breath, clear their minds, and observe their thoughts, words, and action. Any judgment floating around there people?

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