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Rock Away Your Stress

August 3, 2017

Music is food for the soul. It’s also great for your stress levels, which many studies and researchers can attest to. Use music to reduce your stress with Mindful tips.

Today, music is being used for a variety of health reasons. Music is said to help cancer patients cope with some of the disease’s symptoms and treatment side effects. It can also have a dramatic impact on senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease. Want to know what type of music reduces stress? Listed below are a few examples that can help.

  • Live music. It’s a good thing that summer is the time of music festivals because research from London has found that live music can reduce your stress levels. In the study, researchers recorded the cortisol and cortisone levels of participants before and after two concerts. They found that the live music concerts lowered the participants’ recorded levels of cortisol and cortisone, the stress hormones. It is believed that part of the cause for this stress reduction is the “cultural setting” of music concerts.
  • Classical ballads. Classical music is also good for your stress. A past study from the University of California, San Diego found that classical music can positively impact your cardiovascular recovery. In the study, researchers studied the blood pressure levels of stressed participants. The participants listened to music—classical, jazz, and pop—and they found that participants that listened to classical music had lower post-task blood pressure levels after stressful activities. 
  • Uplifting beats. More energetic music can also do wonders for your mood. Research from the University of Missouri showed that the participants actively improved their mood with cheery music. This musical mood booster works for the short-term and its effects can increase your overall happiness for over a two-week period.
  • Good vibrations. Special types of music therapy can also have health benefits. Vibroacoustic therapy uses vibrations to treat a host of ailments including stress and joint pain. For this treatment, therapists use low-frequency sound while the patients rest on a mat or in a chair embedded with speakers that pulse vibrations. This is a popular form of music therapy—in fact, NASA uses vibration therapy to prevent bone loss.
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