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Save Music From Extinction

March 29, 2018

Between budget cuts and tight school schedules, we are in a music crisis in our schools. Music is being treated as an expendable class, rather than a vital way for our young kids to express themselves. This is resulting in music classes and training disappearing in our schools.

Music education is essential in schools for the development of our children. Here are some reasons we need to keep music in the classroom.

8 Mindful Music Benefits
  1. Language and reasoning development. Language and reasoning areas of the brain are more developed in children who have had early musical training.
  2. Kids stay in school. Kids that take music stay in school and are higher achievers.
  3. Intellectual development. Child musicians have high intellectual development.
  4. Emotional development. Kids who take music are more emotionally developed and have high self-esteem. 
  5. Test scores. Student musicians tend to have higher SAT scores.
  6. Mental and physical wellbeing. Music reduces stress, stimulates the body to produce relaxation chemicals, and boosts kids’ immune systems.
  7. Community. Music classes create student community and strong relationships. Kids learn how to work and support each other.
  8. Emotional stability. Music leads our students to self-discovery. Music helps them express themselves and it helps them understand their emotions. When students have the ability to express their emotions in a healthy, overt manner, it’s beneficial to their mental and emotional health.
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