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Books By Dr. Kathleen Hall

Uncommon H.O.P.E.

A Powerful Guide to Creating an Extraordinary Life

Every day, the little constant stresses and anxieties leave us feeling unfulfilled, not living the best life possible. But what if the life we want to live is with in our grasp and we don't even know it?
Kathleen Hall had a powerful career on Wall Street, a beautiful home, and a physician husband. But under the surface she was miserable, sad, anxious, and hollow. She knew there had to be more meaning to life, and she set out to find it, studying with the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Desmon
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Mindful Living Everyday

The chronic stress of our frantic lives is literally killing us. We are overbooked, overworked, and overwhelmed. We have lost our way in a maze of smart phones, endless tech devices, frantic schedules, and endless obligations.

We don't get enough sleep. We eat too many meals on the run. We don't spend enough time with our children and the people we love. We find ourselves being "swept away" by the current of our thoughts, feelings, worries, fears, and stresses. We have lost our ca
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A Life in Balance

Nourishing the Four Roots of True Happiness

Nautilus Book Awards Winners for 2007 (category: Self-Help/Psychology/ Personal Growth) "Like many people, Kathleen Hall found that despite great success and material wealth, she had yet to identify purpose, meaning, and balance in her work and her life. She left her Wall Street firm and devoted herself to understanding the relationships between mind, body, and spirit, and between professional and personal fulfillment. Since then, she has studied with great spiritual leaders including the Dalai
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